Bug on a Rope

A safe and effective alternative to solvents or caustics that “push” your lift station grease problem further into wastewater systems. 

No netting! Bug on a Rope is a bacterial brick that has a unique formula that combines bacteria and biocatalysts with slow release oxygen-rich biostimulant base – designed to treat your grease challenge where it is currently located in your lift station. 

This approach is significantly different than products, like Red Hot Sewer Solvent, that melt grease in a lift station to only have it cool and resolidify downstream in wastewater process. 

Bug on a rope and bug on a rope jr

*Bug on a Rope Junior is designed for flows under 75 m3/day.


Bug on a Rope is designed to be different from other grease control bricks.

It contains no hardened soap, waxes, oils or netting to hold the product together. Instead Bug on a Rope uses biostimulants to bind the 7 types of bacteria into a single, efficient brick that is easy to handle and manage.  No mess from netting when you retrieve the completed brick, instead you simply pull out the plastic core.


  • Releases seven strains of bacteria, productive biocatalysts and oxygen-rich biostimulants
  • Degrades fats, oils, and grease in lift stations and sewer lines
  • Lowers BOD & sulfide generation
  • Works 3x better than its soap-on-a-rope counterpart


Bug on a Rope has 3 sizes

4 kg Brick$229
Case of 4 – 1.36 kg Bricks$399
Case of 4 – 4 kg Bricks$749


Grease control


Municipal wastewater 

Industrial wastewater (with grease accumulation)


Lift Stations

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