Aquatic Dyes

Dyes will give you a great looking pond. More importantly, they are formulated to block UV rays. This inhibits the growth of algae and vegetation by reducing the light available for photosynthesis. An added bonus is the dyes also protect your fish from the eyes of airborne predators like blue heron and cormorants.


An algaecide can kill algae but the effect can often be short lived and can even aggravate algae problems. The algae killed by an algaecide accumulate on the pond bottom and provide more nutrients to future algae blooms. Without proper aeration and beneficial bacteria the use of algaecides can end up being a vicious cycle.

We generally only recommend algaecides for spot treatment of algae in water bodies that have sufficient aeration and are being treated with the appropriate bioaugmentation.

Mechanical Weed Removal

The Weed Razer:

Weed Razer

Remove your Lake weeds or Pond Weeds in just Minutes with the Weed Razer®. The Weed Razer is a unique V shaped lake weed cutter with razor sharp blades designed to be the most efficient and effective lake weed cutting tool made. This weed cutter will cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation like milfoil, lily pads, pond weed and even cattails. Razor sharp blades can shear through water and lake weeds with ease, and can also cut cattails.

The Weed Razer clears a path 48″ (4 feet) wide each throw. Weighing in at just 8 pounds it is light enough to toss 30 feet or more yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom.

The Weed Razer:

  • Is able to cut in deep or shallow water
  • Cuts at the base of the weeds
  • Has little resistance because it slices the water weeds rather than dragging them

Once you cut or shear the lake or pond weed, we recommend that you remove the cut vegetation from the water. Decaying vegetation will provide nutrients that can stimulate new vegetation growth and algae blooms.

Weed Raker

Weed Raker

The Weed Raker is the longest, widest, and deepest digging lake rake in the industry specifically designed to be very effective at removing lake and pond water weeds and debris floating on the surface of the water. The Weed Raker is also designed to dig and pull the stems and roots of your lake and pond weeds slowing or eliminating their re-growth. This rake is ideal for removing the organic matter at the bottom of your lake which fuels the re-growth of more water weeds, aquatic vegetation!

The Weed Raker is also a great tool for the removal of free floating weeds like water hyacinth, bladderwort, salvinia, water lettuce, etc.

Weighing less than 7 lbs, it is light enough to toss 55 feet away. The rake head is hollow and can be filled with floating material to make it float, or with gravel or other weighted material to make it dig deeper.

With the Weed Raker you can:

  • Keep your beach front free from floating water weeds and debris
  • Collect large mats of floating debris with the super sized rake head
  • Clean your beach, root up weeds and remove muck
  • Keep your lake bottom weed free and harvest your cut weeds
  • Remove decaying organic matter from your lake and pond bottom
  • Weigh the hollow rake head down to dig deep in the bottom
  • Pull weeds in from 55 feet away

Nuisance Canada Goose Deterrents


Away With Geese Water Unit

The AWAY WITH GEESE system is an innovative and proven way to get rid of problem geese without the use of harsh chemicals, dogs, reflectors, noise making devices or inhumane means. AWAY WITH GEESE is maintenance-free, solar powered and one-hundred percent guaranteed to get rid of geese.

  • Free Shipping Anywhere in Canada
  • Withstands any weather conditions
  • Maintenance Free
  • Solar-powered light & ECO Friendly
  • Proven Effectiveness
  • 90 Day Satisfaction guarantee!

Contact us today or visit www.gotgeese.ca for more information.

Custom Docks

Canada Docks Floating Docks

CanadaDocks™ Aluminum Docks, manufactured by ProtoTier-1 Inc.® is pleased to offer one of the best engineered docks on the market. Our docks are super lightweight but have superior strength, durability and are aesthetically pleasing. This is achieved by applying automotive manufacturing techniques combined with industrial grade of aluminum. All dock components are produced at our ISO certified facility to maintain the highest standard of workmanship and minimized cost. CanadaDocks™ docks will last for generations with next to no maintenance required. Modular flexibility in the design allows owners to reconfigure their aluminum docks or attach additional sections at any time. Extendable legs for uneven lake bottoms, as well as floating versions make these aluminum docks very versatile. Simplicity of the CanadaDocks™ design allows a Do-It-Yourself approach to every project. All products have illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Surface Aeration

Kasco Marine Deicer

Kasco™ Surface Aerators dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface, maximizing air and water exposure to create valuable gas exchange. Typical applications include:

  • Commercial aquaculture
  • Agricultural ponds
  • Industrial plants
  • Municipal waste water ponds
  • Backyard ponds
  • De-Icers

No one has more experience in de-icing than Kasco™; Kasco™ invented surface aeration. Originally developed to allow in-water boat storage in areas subject to freezing, the de-icer is now used in a multitude of applications.

De-icers push the warm, bottom water to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation. This creates an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other in-water property during freezing temperatures. Providing this ice-free zone will successfully prevent damage from ice jacking and expansion. De-icers can also help protect fish and aquatic species, by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water.

Don’t think of a de-icer as a product just for northern climates or winter use. These high performance motors that create large amounts of water flow for winter de-icing can also be used to provide year-round benefits. Water circulation from a de-icer will help eliminate foul odors and stagnant water areas and may help deter floating plant growth. This water flow is also an easy and effective way to prevent floating debris and trash from entering marinas or collecting around boats and dock. By strategically placing de-icers on dock mounts or horizontal floats, water flow can be directed to push debris to areas where it is easy to remove or even prevent it from entering the area altogether.

Clean, healthy water is more attractive, safer for you, your boat and property, and is a benefit to the aquatic life sharing the water space. Save time, money, and effort by using Kasco’s De-Icers year-round for improved health and beauty of your water.


Tailings Pond


Algae Control Canada serves industry and agriculture sectors that utilize water as a tool in their production systems and have a responsibility in returning the water to a sustainable, healthy profile.


Effluent Flushing by Luke Jones


We work with rural municipalities to large cities that understand wastewater, stormwater, community access ponds and other water projects all have the same things in common: budgets, stakeholders and measureable outcomes.


Soderglen Ranch


Community-owned and fully private water ownership are a privilege. We work with owners and managers to achieve socially and ecologically sustainable, healthy water ecosystems.


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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


  • Private lakes & ponds
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • storm water ponds
  • tailing ponds
  • industrial & agriculture